"Santa is coming to Northern Ireland:" First Minister assures schoolboy Christmas isn't cancelled
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"Santa is coming to Northern Ireland:" First Minister assures schoolboy Christmas isn't cancelled

THE FIRST Minister of Northern Ireland has assured schoolchildren that Santa will be able to visit homes this Christmas.

With a rise in cases leading to extra restrictions across the island of Ireland and beyond, some children have been worrying that Santa Claus may not be able to visit homes around the world this Christmas.

One little boy in Larne, County Antrim wrote to the First Minister, Arlene Foster, for assurance that the magical tradition would be able to go ahead-- and she was happy to give some good news.

Speaking on Northern Ireland's Cool FM, presenter Stuart Robinson asked the question on many children's minds, asking "Is Christmas cancelled and is Santa coming this year?"

Ms Foster replied that she had received a letter from eight-year-old Jacob, which said:


"Dear First Minister, will Santa be allowed to visit this year? Thank you for keeping us safe during Covid."

"Let me say Jacob, that I and my team have been in touch with Santa in Lapland and we have been working with their team," Ms Foster said.

"Santa has been working very hard to make sure Covid doesn't reach Lapland, he's been taking all of the measures and making sure his reindeers are safe as well.

"He tells me that he has a full schedule for Christmas Eve and he's looking forward to visiting Northern Ireland as he always does-- and he tells me that when he comes to Northern Ireland he always receives lovely mince pies and lots of milk, carrots for the reindeers.

"I have no doubt that Santa is coming to Northern Ireland," she promised.


The news was welcomed both by children and those who remain kids at heart, with one woman replying to the video on Twitter:

"Such a lovely message for children everywhere. Thank you first minister, this 72 year old child is feeling much better this evening."