Seven Irish songs to get the party started at a wedding
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Seven Irish songs to get the party started at a wedding

EVERYBODY loves a good Irish wedding, but the choice of music can be crucial in proceedings.

Here are the best seven Irish songs we think will help create the perfect mood on your big day.

1. Don’t Go by Hothouse Flowers

Liam O’Maonlaí once said that Hothouse Flowers could get a party going at a bus stop, and it would take a churl to disagree with him.

The band’s infectious sound contain elements ranging from sean nós to the Sex Pistols, and delivered in a manner high on technique and conviction.

This is a must for the wedding procession or reception.

2. Dúlamán by Altan

In Dúlamán, Altan display beautifully the soft cadences and dreaming imagery of the Irish language, and Irish music.

There could be fewer better melodies to play as you head down the aisle.

wedding cake topper-n Add an Irish flavour to your wedding day with an Irish tune (Picture: iStock)

3. Come On Eileen by Dexy’s Midnight Runners

The Dexy’s wonderful fusion of influences, alongside an excellent traditional backing from The Emerald Express, superseded world music experiments by several years, and resulted in this truly scintillating track.

Come On Eileen selects itself as a winner of a wedding song not least because it combines influences from two of Ireland’s other great songwriters — Van Morrison and Thomas Moore.

The song starts with a couple of bars of Moore’s Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms, one of the 19th century’s greatest hits.

4. Hot For You by The Blades (1980)

Clocking in at just over two minutes, you’ll need to nip down the aisle smartly if you want to use this entirely brilliant pop song as your bridal march.

The song’s lyrics are a wonderful statement of emotion.

Lady saxophonist and a guitarist A selection of good music can make or break your wedding. (Picture: iStock)

5. Have I Told You Lately by Van Morrison

Van Morrison's output provides songs suitable for anyone’s nuptials.

In Have I Told You Lately he has done the seemingly impossible — managed to produced an Irish song that is neither insular nor nostalgic, and is purely romantic.

This is one of the great love songs of all times.

6. Red Sails In The Sunset by Jimmy Kennedy

Red Sails In The Sunset is one of Omagh man Jimmy Kennedy’s greatest hits, recorded by everyone from Frank Sinatra to Fats Domino.

It is truly an Irish song of romance — it was written by Jimmy as he watched a yacht pull out of Portrush harbour.

The boat, the Kitty Of Coleraine, is still anchored there.

feet of bride and groom, wedding shoes (soft focus). Cross processed image for vintage lookfeet of bride and groom, wedding shoes (soft focus). Cross processed image for vintage look Why not choose an Irish song for your first dance? (Picture: iStock )

7. All The World She Gave Me by The Waterboys

The Waterboys were the inspiration of Scottish singer/songwriter Mike Scott - domiciled in the west of Ireland.

The band boasted a lineup which included Steve Wickham on fiddle (late of In Tua Nua, which also spawned Sinead O’Connor) Anthony Thistlethwaite on sax and mandolin, and Sharon Shannon on accordion.

That wonderful sound backed up Scott’s romantic lyrics.