30% of Republicans believe Donald Trump will be reinstated as US president this year

30% of Republicans believe Donald Trump will be reinstated as US president this year

THREE in 10 Republican voters think Donald Trump will be reinstated in the White House before the end of the year, a new poll has shown.

Earlier this month, reports surfaced that Trump had been telling people close to him that he expects to be reinstated as president before the end of the summer.

After continually insisting that voter fraud caused his election defeat to Joe Biden last November, despite providing no substantial evidence to prove it, Trump apparently thinks that once proof is unearthed and properly investigated, Biden will be removed from office and the star-spangled reins will be given back to him.

This belief is apparently echoed by a significant proportion of conservative voters, with nearly a third (29%) of Republicans saying they think Trump will be back in office within the next few months.

A survey conducted by Politico-Morning Consult found that Democrat and Independent voters were a lot more sceptical about the idea.

Results showed that 84% of Democrat voters and 70% of Independent voters believe the claim to be outlandish.

The poll demonstrated a larger sense of crisis among the American electorate, with over 75% of respondents - including both Republicans and Democrats - saying they think US democracy is under threat.

The fears stem largely from the Capitol riot on January 6, where a number of Trump supporters stormed the Captiol Building in an attempt to prevent Congress from certifying Biden's election victory.

Spurred on by Trump's insistence that the voting was rigged, five people were killed during the violence, including one police officer.

As a result, Trump was banned from all major social media platforms, including the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

While some of the dust may have settled on an ugly period of American political history, it appears Trump isn't willing to give up the fight.

"The 2020 presidential election, that election, was by far the most corrupt election in the history of our country," he said during a recent rally in North Carolina.

It's understood that the former president is angling for a return to politics, and is looking to run for office again in 2024.

And while the Republican Party is understandably divided on giving Trump another go, the fact that 30% of voters still think of him as their rightful president, they may eventually have their arms twisted.