Aborted remains sent back to Ireland via courier

Aborted remains sent back to Ireland via courier

IRELAND’S ‘barbaric’ abortion laws force at least four devastated couples to travel to Britain each week seeking terminations for babies that wouldn’t survive past birth.

Some couples then take their child’s remains home on the ferry in the boot of their car that same day, while others have to endure a lengthier wait for the ashes to be delivered via courier, The Irish Post has learned.

These shocking facts highlight a crippling irony facing pregnant women in Ireland on a daily basis, when diagnosed with fatal foetal abnormalities in a country where it is illegal to abort a terminal foetus.

In a doubly heart-breaking blow for these couples, after learning of their doomed pregnancy they must decide whether to carry the incurable foetus to term and watch it  die in their arms or travel to Britain for an abortion they never wanted.


The news comes as Irish politicians spend a second day debating divisive laws that will legislate for the first time for abortion in limited circumstances.

For more on this story including first-hand testimony from a woman who was faced with a decision to attend a British clinic after her pregnancy was diagnosed with fatal foetal abnormalities see this week's Irish Post print edition in newsagents now.