Adopted Irish man launches appeal to find biological parents

Adopted Irish man launches appeal to find biological parents

WICKLOW man Arthur Fitzharris has been looking for his birth parents since 2001.

The Irishman has been searching for his family history for 17 years now and is appealing for anyone with information to come forward.

According to IOMTodayFitzharris ran into numerous obstacles when trying to obtain documents: "When I started to make enquiries I always came up against a brick wall, due to the legislation in Ireland. I only managed to get a copy of my birth certificate late last year."

He said that his lack of information has left him in doubt of his real birthday: "According to records, which I received from a Freedom of Information request in the Republic of Ireland, I was born in December 1947.

"However, when I obtained a copy of my birth certificate I discovered that my birth had been cancelled by order of the registrar general saying "entry contained fictional information as to parentage" dated May 8, 1952."

His birth certificate said he was born in 1947, however, Arthur has been dubious of the legitimacy of the information: "The information on the certificate states that I was born in Dublin on December 12, 1947 and I was given the name Arthur.

"Even though I was born in December 1947, my birth was not registered until the first quarter of 1948. There was a habit in those days of delaying some birth details, for what reason I do not know."

Fitzharris says he went to Temple Hill, Blackrock, Dublin, a home for boys before being boarded out to the Isle of Man to be adopted by someone else, organised by nuns.

Arthur is currently searching for siblings, parents or any other relatives who may recognise him. He also wants to be aware of any familial health problems as he has a family of his own now.

Anyone with information can use contacts such as 00353 86 8060966 or emailing [email protected] to get in touch.