This week We Remember when Amy Winehouse came to Dingle

This week We Remember when Amy Winehouse came to Dingle

AMY WINEHOUSE was only 23 when she stopped by a small 200-year-old church in the remote Irish fishing town of Dingle.

We remember Amy Winehouse on this week 23rd July, 10 years on.

The singer wasn't there in Dingle to take in the strikingly remote countryside scenery on offer but rather to perform in Ireland's annual Other Voices festival.

A truly unique musical event, first established in 2002, the organisers describe it as a "musical pilgrimage for the mind and the soul".

Set inside the confines of Dingle's St James's church, the annual gathering saw an eclectic variety of artists descend on the sleepy town to perform short sets inside the 80-set venue.

Transmitted worldwide online and as part of a television series, previous performers include Elbow, Ellie Goulding, Snow Patrol, Damien Rice and many more besides.

And yet, all these years later, it's Winehouse's that ranks among the most memorable in the history of the County Kerry event.

A snapshot of the singer on the cusp of worldwide fame, Winehouse's breakthrough album Back In Black was just two months old at the time.



The album would go on to become the UK's best-selling album of the 21st century as well as a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album - one of five won by Winehouse.

The perfect showcase of the Londoner's astonishing talent, the 20-minute set featured intimate and emotional performances of songs like Rehab, Back to Black and Love Is A Losing Game.

Perfectly complimented by her guitarist and bass player and minus a drummer after bad weather prevented him from attending, Winehouse's electrifying vocals took centre stage.

It was a performance The Times later ranked as the 17th greatest gig of all time.

"It was just brilliant, Other Voices music producer Aoife Woodlock later reflected to The Guardian.

"That she came with her spindly little legs and her mental hair and sang her heart out in Kerry. For us."



A magical showcase of a true one-off in her element, the set has since been immortalised in the Arena documentary Amy Winehouse - The Day She Came To Dingle.

Over a decade on, the film serves as a stark reminder of the incredible talent loved and lost and is still available to watch on platforms like YouTube and iPlayer.

It's well worth seeking out, standing as the perfect testament to Winehouse the singer, songwriter and pitch-perfect performer.

  • Originally published December 12 2020.