Appeal to reunite heartbroken Irish boy with beloved teddy bear for Christmas goes viral

Appeal to reunite heartbroken Irish boy with beloved teddy bear for Christmas goes viral

HAVE YOU seen this teddy bear?

An Irish mother has launched a desperate appeal to reunite her son with his lost teddy bear, Ted.

Mother Róisín has written a heart-wrenching post on Facebook sharing the story of her young son, Beren, and his beloved teddy, who "has been with Beren since he was born".

"The two of them went everywhere together and always had a chat before lights out," she wrote.

Sadly, Beren and Ted were separated in January of this year when the teddy was left behind on the Dublin airport bus link from the terminal to the car park-- and despite the 10 months which have since passed, Beren is still missing his best friend.

Ted and Beren have been best friends since Beren was born, and the youngster is devastated without him (Image: Facebook)

Taking to Facebook, Róisín admitted they thought Beren would "adopt" one of his other teddies as a replacement for Ted, but instead "he has pined and cried for Ted ever since".

Things came to a head earlier this week when eager Beren wrote out his Christmas list for Santa-- and Róisín realised he had drawn a picture of him joyously holding Ted when the pair are reunited "because Santa brought Ted back to him".

Beren's heartbreaking letter asked Santa to reunite him with his beloved bear, Ted (Image: Facebook)

In pure Irish form, Róisin wrote: "OHSWEETSUFFERINGJESUS, says I quietly, how in gods name will I get out of this??!"

Ted originally came from Lidl, but Róisín says she has searched high and low for a replacement and has had no luck whatsoever.

And so, Róisín has asked everyone to keep an eye out for Ted, or if anyone knows where to buy a Ted-like teddy, or "has a similar teddy they no longer need" to get in touch with her, adding "I would really appreciate it".

Have you seen Ted, do you own a similar bear or do you have tips on where to find a new one? (Image: Facebook)

Signing off on the hopeful post, Róisín wrote: "In search of a teddy bear and a happy ending to 2020...."

If you recognise Ted, have one or have tips on where to find a look-alike, you can message Rósín on her Facebook page here.

You can also share Róisín's original post by clicking here.