'Once: The Musical' based on smash-hit Irish film touring UK for first time

'Once: The Musical' based on smash-hit Irish film touring UK for first time

WE JUST can't wait for this.

One of Ireland's most succesful modern films has found second life as a Broadway and West End musical, winning an number of prestigious awards and becoming renowned in theatre circles across the world.

We're talking, of course, about Once-- a critically acclaimed 2007 film which tells the tale of two lost souls-- a Dublin street busker and a Czech musician-- who fall in love, following their stories over the course of a life-changing five days.

The film alone won an Oscar for its original song 'Falling Slowly' (You know it, even if you don't think you know it, you definitely know it), and Steven Spielberg once said that the film "gave me enough inspiration to last the rest of the year".

Now the Oscar, Academy, Grammy, Olivier and Tony Award-winning musical is preparing for its first-ever major tour throughout the UK, with the Book by acclaimed Irish playright and screenwriter Enda Walsh.

The main characters will be played by Daniel Healy and Emma Lucia, but Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglova continue to provide the iconic music and lyrics.

Image preview Daniel Healy (Guy) and Emma Lucia (Girl) take the leading roles of the acclaimed musical (Once: The Musical)

With shows in 26 locations running until July 2020 of next year, the musical will hit a number of theatres across England and Scotland, premiering in London's Fairfield Halls.

For those back home, Once: The Musical had three consecutive summer runs in Dublin's Olympia Theatre in 2015, 2016 and 2017, but there are unfortunately no plans to return just yet-- fingers crossed for the future.

For more information, a list of dates and to book tickets for the UK tour, you can visit the website here.