Bear Grylls came perilously close to death after being stung by bee during filming

Bear Grylls came perilously close to death after being stung by bee during filming

BEAR GRYLLS had a near-death experience during filming on his latest action adventure series this week.

The survivalist was left requiring immediate medical attention after suffering what could have been a potentially lethal bee sting while filming for his new show “Treasure Island”.

Grylls has a severe allergy to bee stings and went into anaphylactic shock after being stung by one of the insects.

Thankfully, medical staff were close at hand to administer an EpiPen which ended up saving the 45-year-old’s life.

It’s not the first time Grylls has cheated death.

In 1996, during a skydive with the SAS, Grylls's parachute ripped apart at nearly 16,000 feet.

He ended up breaking his back in three places though was lucky to survive.

Then in 2009, during filming on the show Born Survivor in the Sumatra Jungle, Grylls nearly drown after suddenly being caught in a rapid.

He ended up being smashed against a large rock, where his leg got stuck in the undergrowth and he was pulled underwater.

Thankfully he was able to signal for help with his one free hand and a member of the filming crew was able to rescue him.

Grylls aversion to bees is also well known to viewers.

The presenter previously went viral after he was stung on the forehead by a bee while trying to retrieve honey from its hive as part of a desert survival mission.

His head became extremely swollen and he was left barely able to see anything in front of him.

Born in London, Grylls grew up in Donaghadee in Northern Ireland until the age of four, when his family moved to the Isle of Wight.