Bride who fell in love with Irish bridesmaid on wedding day reveals they are now a ‘throuple’

Bride who fell in love with Irish bridesmaid on wedding day reveals they are now a ‘throuple’

A WOMAN has gone viral after revealing she is in a three-way relationship with her husband and the Irish bridesmaid that attended their wedding.

Karalyn Henry from Ohio in the US is a popular figure online thanks to her YouTube channel, which provides a platform for her to talk about her love of polyamory.

Polyamory,  the practice of enjoying intimate relationships with more than one partner, is something Karalyn has been interested in ever since she was a teenager.

However, her strict Christian upbringing meant it wasn’t something she could talk about or reveal to her immediate family.


"I grew up Christian, and being gay wasn't something that was talked about very positively in my family,” Karalyn explained (via Daily Mail).

“So, growing up, when I started getting crushes on boys, I would also get crushes on girls.

“It was something that I kind of pushed away for a very long time, and just didn't acknowledge that it was even a thing."

Karalyn continued to keep her interest in polyamory under wraps in the years that followed and eventually met and got engaged to her fiancé Justin.

It was then that she decided to be honest and open about how she felt and his reaction to the news surprised her.

"I brought my worries up with my now husband, and he nonchalantly said, 'Well you can just date a girl on the side'. My mind was blown – I didn't even think that was a possibility to be honest.

“We gave it a go though, and it just worked so perfectly that it stuck to us. I don't know if I could go back to being monogamous – polyamory just works so well for us."

Karalyn eventually met and began an online relationship with Lana, a woman from County Antrim who ended up being a bridesmaid at Karalyn and Justin’s wedding.

Lana met Karalyn for the first time on the day of the wedding and it was love at first sight.

"She flew over for our wedding to be a bridesmaid and it was amazing! That was the first time we ever met in real life… It was perfect in every sense of the word, the best day of my entire life,” Karalyn says.

“I remember all of us, a little drunk, arms locked, and just going in circles laughing and singing. I cherished every moment of that day, and while I'm sad it's over, I will never forget it!"


While initially Justin wasn’t involved with Lana, the two soon realised they too had feelings for each other, meaning the three are now together in a “throuple”.

The “throuple” have been given the blessing of their respective families with Karalyn stating that they have "never been happier in a relationship before".