Brighton bombing anniversary to be commemorated by city's university

Brighton bombing anniversary to be commemorated by city's university

A THEATRE production exploring the impact of the IRA’s bombing in Brighton has been created to mark the 30th anniversary of the attack.

The University of Brighton is commemorating the three decades since the attack on October 12, 1984 with a drama performance and symposium due to be held over October 15 and 16.

The event will boast a range of speakers, who will discuss ‘the history, memory and legacy of the Irish Troubles in Britain’, according to Professor Graham Dawson, the university's Professor of Historical Cultural Studies.

“The bombing was one of the most significant among nearly 500 incidents in the Provisional IRA's campaign of political violence in England,” he said.

"It generated impassioned as well as critical reflection and debate, nationally across Britain and locally in Brighton and Hove, about how and why the armed conflict in and over Northern Ireland had come to this town in England,” he added.

But the “centrepiece” of the University event will be a work-in-progress reading of a new play by local dramatists Julie Everton, a University of Brighton humanities lecturer, and Josie Melia, which explores the causes and consequences of the event.

The event takes place at the College of Arts and Humanities in Grand Parade, Brighton.

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