Britain tops list of foreign-registered births of Irish babies

Britain tops list of foreign-registered births of Irish babies

MORE IRISH babies were born in Britain than anywhere else outside of Ireland last year, figures reveal.

And while foreign birth registrations are falling in some places, they are on the rise in Britain.

The Department of Foreign Affairs statistics revealed that in 2015, 693 births were registered in London – a rise from the 2013 figure of 563 and 2014’s 624.

In total, 5,826 babies were registered as Irish citizens abroad in 2015.

A baby who is born to parents who are Irish citizens, or who has Irish-born grandparents, is eligible for Irish citizenship.

Some 320 Irish babies were registered in Auckland, New Zealand – while the figures for neighbouring Australia are not specified.

Altogether 2,696 babies born abroad were registered in the Dublin office of Foreign Birth Registrations in 2015.

This large number is made up of births from around the world where there are no facilities for registering the birth locally - many of the smaller centres across the world have closed so applications for an Irish citizenship must come through Dublin.

Coming in second on the list was Ottawa, Canada, were 447 Irish births were registered – followed closely by Pretoria, South, Africa which saw 319 Irish babies welcomed.

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