Builders are sexier than bankers, new research claims

Builders are sexier than bankers, new research claims

THE MANY Irish men working on construction sites across Britain can claim to have more admirers than then their peers working in banking, graphic design and other less manual jobs.

According to new research, builders score higher than bankers in the sexiest profession stakes – but it’s the uniformed workers who take the top spots.

Figures compiled by the Federation of Master Builders show that the creative hipster types of the graphic design world and suited and slicked back bankers and city professionals fail to set pulses racing when it comes to British opinions on sex appeal.

Instead its members of the armed forces, pilots and nurses who take the top three spots, with members of the construction trade also taking a spot in the top ten.

“There’s a traditional appeal in physically active, handy and hardworking professions,” Chris Payne, of ITV’s Bad Builders Bang to Rights programme, said of the results.

“Builders may stand out in this list against some of the more glamorous or trendy professions, but actually fit in well with the kind of people you want around to help you when you need them – such as teachers and nurses,” he added.

“For hardworking Brits, that carries a bit of sex appeal.”

The FMB-commissioned research looked at jobs, professions and careers that are attractive, admired and respected by people across Britain.

The survey also gave an insight into the nation’s office bug-bears – revealing that 22 per cent of respondents would prefer to work flexible hours, to enjoy more freedom and control of their time, while a further 23 per cent admitted to having considered changing careers or retraining in the last 12 months.