Burger King unveils its brand new Guinness Whopper

Burger King unveils its brand new Guinness Whopper

BURGER KING is getting in the Irish spirit with a limited-edition Guinness flavoured Whopper that has to be seen to be believed. 

The fast-food chain has successfully incorporated the iconic Irish stout into one of their most instantly recognisable menu items.

This particular version uses Guinness to infuse the flavour and look of both the burger’s bun and its accompanying sauce.

Best of all, both meat-lovers and vegetarians are covered with the Guinness Whopper available as either a beef or mushroom burger.

Either way, fast food fans will be tucking it to a saucy sandwich with a distinctly Irish feel.

All of which makes the news that the Guinness Whopper won’t be available in Ireland just yet that bit more baffling.

In fact, the Guinness Whopper is only being sold in South Korea, where the look and fragrance of the unique patty is likely to prove popular.

This particular Burger King creation won’t be around for ever though with the fast-food giant insisting it is being stocked for a limited time.

Thankfully, unlike Guinness, this Whopper contains no alcohol, making it suitable for burger lovers of all ages.

In most cases, it’s likely to be their first taste of the Black Stuff too.

There’s no word yet on whether the Guinness Whopper will eventually make an appearance in either the US or UK.

Burger King has been known to roll out region-specific specials in the past.

However, given the popularity of Guinness on either side of the Irish Sea, it would surely constitute an opportunity missed by Burger King.