Butter-lovers in a jam because Kerrygold is banned in a US state

Butter-lovers in a jam because Kerrygold is banned in a US state

AMERICAN and Irish people have united in common anguish after discovering that Kerrygold butter is banned in the a US state.

Ireland’s proudest dairy export has exploded in popularity in the US in recent years – where it now stands as the third most popular butter brand.

Kerrygold is actually considered a sophisticated and ‘fancy’ butter in the US due to its cows being grass-fed.

But the popular butter is banned in Wisconsin due to a protectionist law the state passed 47 years ago.

The 1970 law requires all butter for sale be put in front of a panel of butter aficionados.

As Kerrygold is produced in Ireland, it doesn’t meet the state of Wisconsin’s USDA requirements and has been outlawed.

Cue outrage from enraged locals intent on getting their fix.

Wisconsin news outlet TJM4 reports that local woman Jean Smith has already made trips over state lines to Nebraska to smuggle butter home, and has even stockpiled a two-month supply.

Ms Smith told the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) that she loves Kerrygold so much that she hauls the butter home using cooler bags.

Meanwhile, a local blogger slammed the state for the ban in a blog post entitled: ‘You Will Pry My Kerrygold from My Cold, Dead Hands’.

So what is the penalty for becoming a butter outlaw in Wisconsin?

Well according to the FEE, violating the butter law will result in fines of at least $1,000, or jail terms of six months. Lenient then.

But there is hope – the ban was passed long before the dawn of the internet and many have pointed out that Kerrygold is still available for delivery via Amazon.

Take that, butter cops.

We would like to extend our sympathies to Irish butter-lovers living in Wisconsin during this difficult time.