Cabinet meeting being held today to discuss current lockdown restrictions

Cabinet meeting being held today to discuss current lockdown restrictions

THE COVID-19 Cabinet sub-committee are meeting today to discuss the current lockdown measures in place across the country.

Leo Varadkar heads the committee and will leading the discussion on whether or not to continue with procedures as they are in their current form.

Restrictions on movement and social distancing have been in place since last Friday, while the nation has plunged into an abyss of isolation and job insecurity.

It's understood that today's meeting will look into the next steps for the country, though current measures are expected to stay in place for the foreseeable.

With the death toll continuing to climb in Ireland, stronger measure could be implemented in order to contain the spread of coronavirus, but there are other health, social and economic factors to consider.

On Wednesday, a further 14 people died as a result of Covid-19 complications in the country, while the number of confirmed cases has risen to nearly 3,500.


Dr Ronan Glynn, Deputy Chief Medical Officer of the Department of Health, said: "Our research suggests that one in three people are worried about their health, with three out of four worried about the health of their families and friends.

"People are taking action to look after their wellbeing. Two thirds of people are conversing with family and friends by using phone and internet.

"Restrictions do not mean you stop maintaining your relationship or your health," he added.

"Adapt your hobbies; go for walks, exercise and do the things that maintain wellbeing within the limits of physical distancing and public health advice.

"I can confirm that expanding contact tracing for all confirmed cases for the 48 hours prior to the onset of symptoms, as decided by National Public Health Emergency Team will commence this week. This will reduce transmission of the virus."