Catholic school forced to cover up ‘unfortunate’ new statue of boy kneeling in front of saint

Catholic school forced to cover up ‘unfortunate’ new statue of boy kneeling in front of saint

A CATHOLIC boy’s school has been forced to cover up and cordon off a brand new sculpture which featured an unintentionally unholy design.

Blackfriars Priory School, in Adelaide, Australia, only unveiled the statue of St Dominic handing a young boy a loaf of bread last week.

But the monument has now been covered with a black cloth after students took "suggestive" pictures of the questionable depiction, according to local news.

The design features a boy kneeling at the foot of the 12th century Spanish priest, who was renowned for his ample supply of bread.

Unfortunately for the school, the loaf held by the saint appeared instead to depict a certain area of the male anatomy.

The covered-up statue has now been completely cordoned off after pictures of the edifice created a flurry of activity on social media.

One picture of the statue posted on social media attracted thousands of likes, with users questioning exactly how it came to be approved.

“Who the hell designed, approved and erected it and no one thought about it?” asked one critic.

Another post read: “Blackfriars is not alone. I saw heaps of similarly dodgy ones while living in Chile”.

Other bemused users commented: “Surely this can’t be real” and “this did not happen, no way”.

Blackfriars Priory is an inner-city school in Adelaide which teaches boys from kindergarten up to year 12.

The school made headlines last week after a student distributed a hoax letter telling year 12s that they would have to re-sit their biology exam.

The letter, which was circulated on Facebook, falsely claimed there was a “significant breach in the integrity” of the test – which was sat by no less than 3645 students.

Sounds like the place to be!