Catholics in Britain back gay marriage but not euthanasia

Catholics in Britain back gay marriage but not euthanasia

ONE half of all Catholics in Britain are pro same-sex marriage, despite the official Catholic doctrine which opposes both same-sex marriages and homosexuality.

A poll by YouGov, which specifically surveyed ‘committed Christians’, has found that 50 per cent of Catholics in Britain are in favour of gay marriages and only 40 per cent are opposed.

The figure for Protestants was 45 per cent in favour, and 47 against same sex marriages.

In Britain as a whole, 66 per cent of the population are in favour of gay marriage.

In the same poll, 59 per cent of Protestants were in favour of some form of euthanasia for "clearly consenting terminally ill patients”, but only 42 per cent of Catholics were in favour.

In the population at large, 79 per cent were in favour of euthanasia, the poll found.

With abortion, Catholics tended more to be in line with Catholic teaching on the subject. Sixty nine per cent believed there should be more restrictions, with only 17 per cent saying there should not be.

In the general population, only 29 per cent are in favour of more restrictions on abortion.