Chief Medical Officer worried by empty beds and waiting rooms in Irish hospitals

Chief Medical Officer worried by empty beds and waiting rooms in Irish hospitals

IRELAND'S CHIEF Medical Officer has spoken of the 'worrying scene' he witnessed of empty beds and waiting rooms while in hospital.

Dr Tony Holohan, Ireland's Chief Medical Officer and the person who is guiding the Government's response to Covid-19, has urged people not to ignore signs that they are unwell and to go to the hospital if they need to.

On Tuesday, 31 March, Dr Holohan was hospitalised for medical tests unrelated to Covid-19, and has spoken out about the 'worrying scene' he witnessed while there.

Empty beds and waiting rooms are causing him concern that people who are feeling unwell are unwilling to go to hospital as they are worried they may catch Covid-19, or that all beds should be kept for patients who are suffering from the virus.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan Photo: Sam Boal/

At a press conference yesterday evening, Thursday 2 April, Dr Holohan urged people to attend hospital if they were feeling unwell, as "the hospitals are there for all ailments".

At the press conference, after advising the public on the 13 new deaths and 402 newly confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Republic, Dr Holohan said:

"I would also like to highlight a worrying scene I witnessed during my visit to hospital on Tuesday evening; empty waiting rooms and empty beds.

"While protecting yourself from Covid-19 is a priority, no one should ignore signs that they may need medical attention for other ailments such as lumps, chest pain or other concerns.

"Please do not ignore any symptom outside of Covid-19. The hospitals are there for all ailments, not just Covid-19.”