Colin Farrell cycles 36km in support of brave friend with rare skin disease completing charity challenge

Colin Farrell cycles 36km in support of brave friend with rare skin disease completing charity challenge

COLIN FARRELL has put putting in the miles to show his support for a brave Irish woman completing an incredible charity challenge. 

Emma Fogarty, from Abbeyleix, Co, Laois, was born with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), otherwise known as “butterfly skin”, which is a type of disorder that causes skin and internal body linings to blister and break at even the slightest of touches. 

An incredibly painful condition, it’s left Ms. Fogarty with open wounds on 80% of her body. Open wounds that have to be freshly bandaged every other day. 

Eager to mark her 36th birthday this week, Emma embarked on a 36km (22 mile) assisted walk to raise money for Debra Ireland, a charity that supports people with EB. 

After an incredibly painful yet determined month of walking, Emma completed her challenge in front of a large crowd who gathered in Abbeyleix to show their support. 

Currently over in the US with work, Farrell couldn’t be there to congratulate Emma in person but showed his support in a video recorded prior to a 36km cycle completed in support of her challenge. 

The pair have known each other for a decade, so Farrell was eager to recognise what he describes in the video as “an unimaginable achievement with the amount of pain that it would have cost her”. 

“It has been an enormous display of heart and bravery, two things of which Emma has in no short supply,” he added. 

Another celebrity, Irish rugby star Johnny Sexton, got in on the act over the weekend, with his own bike ride covering the distance Emma has walked. 

Having set herself an initial fundraising target of €72,000, Emma has already exceeded all expectations with a total of €74,040 raised. 

That money will go towards helping Debra Ireland provide patient support services and research into treatments and cures for people with the condition. 

“They are an amazing charity,” Emma said on her GoFundMe page. 

“There is no other charity out there that would drop everything to come and see you in a hospital bed while you’re crying. Without them we wouldn’t be able to fight EB. We wouldn’t be able to get nurses, research, resources, funding and they deserve all the help we can give them.  

"I want to show people (and myself) that life is for living and nothing is going to stop me achieving my goal.” 

Mission accomplished. 

You can donate to Emma Fogarty’s efforts here.