Conor McGregor appears in court charged with assaulting man in Dublin pub

Conor McGregor appears in court charged with assaulting man in Dublin pub

CONOR MCGREGOR has appeared in court charged with the assault of a man at a pub in north Dublin earlier this year.

According to The Irish Times, McGregor stands accused of punching Desmond Keogh at the Marble Arch Pub, Ben Bulben Road, Driminagh, Dublin 12 on April 6, 2019.

The fighter was summoned to Dublin District Court in the Criminal Courts of Justice.

McGregor’s solicitor Michael Staines confirmed to the judge Marie Keane that the MMA star was in court and is on bail.

The Irishman’s solicitor applied for an adjournment with investigating Garda Jason O’Carroll from Crumlin Garda station stating there was no objection.

Garda confirmed disclosure in the case is still outstanding and will include CCTV footage.

McGregor was remanded on continuing bail to November 1, 2019.

The judge confirmed he will have to request a trial date or enter a plea then.

The charge of assault carries with it a maximum prison term of six months, a €1,500 fine or, if convicted, both.

The 31-year-old found himself at the centre of a social media scandal back in August after TMZ Sport published CCTV footage of the incident.

It came from an incident that occurred at The Marble Arch Pub in Dublin back on April 6.

In the footage, McGregor could be seen talking to patrons at the bar.

A bottle of his popular Proper Twelve whiskey appears, and McGregor begins lining up glasses so that each of the men at the bar can have a taste.

However, the problems begin when one of the elderly men refuses the offer of a free drink, twice moving away the cup McGregor places in front of him.

With tempers evidently flared, McGregor proceeds to down a shot of his whiskey with the other drinkers before suddenly aiming a left fist at the temple of the man.

Two men immediately grab the UFC star and drag him away.