Dad suspected of paedophilia for staying in hotel with teenage daughter

Dad suspected of paedophilia for staying in hotel with teenage daughter

A MAN was accused of being a paedophile when checking into a hotel with his 14-year-old daughter.

Karl Pollard and his daughter were intending to visit his sick mother before he was stopped by police accusing him of grooming.

Karl and his daughter Stephanie checked into Travelodge in Cheshire as it was close to Karl's mother's home.

Karl and his daughter were in their room before finding police confronting the 46-year-old as he brushed his teeth.

According to Daily Star, the father and daughter were just setting down their luggage before the police appeared: "About 10 minutes later there was a knock at the door. A policewoman was standing there. I thought something had happened to my mum or my wife.

"But she said, ‘We’ve had a call from Travelodge, they believe you are a paedophile grooming underage girls’."

Karl's wife was unable to make the trip as she suffers from multiple sclerosis, leading Karl to book the room which was only 20 minutes away from his ill mother.

Karl said he was interrogated despite telling the police force Stephanie was his daughter: "I explained to her that I was Stephanie’s dad.

"The officer had to ask her loads of questions to prove it."

Eventually, the police officers left his room after finding significant evidence that Karl was not committing an offence.

Karl said his young daughter was left 'distraught' and terrified her father was going to be taken away.

Travelodge have since apologised and given the family a full refund for their stay.