Dublin Airport planning to set up new pay zones for drop-offs and pick-ups

Dublin Airport planning to set up new pay zones for drop-offs and pick-ups

DUBLIN AIRPORT is planning to introduce new paid-zones for people collecting or dropping off passengers, once the Covid-19 pandemic is over.

The proposed new drop-off and pick-up zones will operate in front of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

A spokesperson for the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) said that nothing will be setup until the pandemic ceases, but work on the project could take place shortly if it receives approval from planning authorities - especially with airport traffic very low due to coronavirus.

She said the new system is aimed at reducing the number of car journeys to and from the airport and encouraging passengers to make greater use of public transport.

Similar zones with charges are already in use in other airports in Ireland such as Cork and Belfast International.


The revenue generated will be ring-fenced and "invested in a series of sustainability initiatives" at the airport.

These include a proposed new solar farm at Dublin Airport, the conversion of the airport's car park and staff shuttle bus fleet from diesel to low emission vehicles, and the installation of more electric vehicle charging points at the airport's car parks.

Currently, private cars are permitted to drop off in front of both terminals at Dublin Airport but no private vehicle pick up is permitted in these locations - a system which the DAA say has been "abused by some for several years," with cars stopping to wait for pick-ups or circling the campus roads a number of times before they can collect their party.

"It will be more efficient to complete the construction work during the current downturn in passenger numbers, as it will have significantly less disruption on the airport road network," the spokesperson added.

"There has already been a shift in the patterns of surface access travel to Dublin Airport in recent years, as the share of private car trips has declined significantly.

"In 2006, 44% of people used private cars to access the airport, but this had fallen to 32% by 2019.

"Last year, 32% of passengers made their journey to Dublin Airport by bus, while 21% took a taxi. About 6% made the journey in a hire car, while 2% of passengers used a motorbike or bicycle.


"Passengers who park and fly make two car journeys to and from Dublin Airport, but those who use a private vehicle drop off and pick up generate four separate car journeys to and from the airport."