Dublin-based emergency assistance firm sets up at Ukraine border

Dublin-based emergency assistance firm sets up at Ukraine border

A DUBLIN-BASED emergency assistance and crisis response firm has set up at the Ukrainian border is support of media organisations and NGOs entering the country.

The company, Inherent Risks, has set up a regional liaison centre to provide advisory and emergency response on behalf of one of the only insurers still covering travel into Ukraine, Hotspot Cover.

Commenting from the Poland border, Risk and Crisis Advisory Partner Dan Kaine, said the country is arguably "the most hostile and complex environment in the world right now."

"Understanding the situation on the ground, and having the local knowledge, assets, and ability to respond if the unexpected happens is of utmost importance," he said.

Inherent Risks has also been involved with evacuating private families from the Ukraine, into Poland and Hungary.

In addition, they have been assessing humanitarian routes and corridors for aid entering the country, and providing pre-travel safety and intelligence briefs to journalists, charity workers, observers and security consultants crossing the border.

The role of the Regional Liaison Centre is to establish a hub that organisations can use as a meeting point, receive daily intelligence and pre-travel safety briefs, and to monitor and track journeys in and out of the Ukraine.

The role of Inherent Risks is to solve complex problems, including those involving oil, gas, mining, private capital and insurance companies with people and assets in challenging environments.