Dublin bus drivers have been assaulted over 200 times in last two years

Dublin bus drivers have been assaulted over 200 times in last two years

THERE have been over 200 assaults on Dublin bus drivers since 2018, according to the latest figures.

Details released under the Freedom of Information Act revealed that 107 drivers were attacked by passengers while on duty in 2018.

This figure reduced only slightly to 100 last year.

Dermot O'Leary from the National Bus and Rail Union (NBRU) described the figures made for disgraceful reading.

"I just think that's an appalling indictment of the culture that's prevalent across society now," he said.

"That probably doesn't include the stone-throwing and the rock-throwing, the taking of drugs and smoking crack cocaine and heroin while onboard buses and other stuff that's been reported by a lot of the local papers."


The NBRU says it's now concerned that it will take the killing of a bus driver before police step in to do something about the problems.

One driver said: "I've been driving for 21 years now, and the amount of drivers who have been assaulted and have been spat at, it's disgraceful."

Another recalled: "I was assaulted before. It was over something silly.

"It was over [a passenger] missing a bus stop. His father was in a wheelchair and his said he pressed the bell. No such thing.

"I went to the next bus stop and he started going mad at me, and started asking for my name. I said I'm not allowed to give my name but you can take that bus number, no problem.

"Then he just went for me. He tried to shove me out of the door and tried to get at me in the cab.

"He hit me in the head, and I just tried to defend myself."

The NBRU say that they are doing their best to help staff but that a proper transport policing unit is the only solution.