Dublin park goers on their guard against aggressive 'killer' swans

Dublin park goers on their guard against aggressive 'killer' swans

DUBLIN PARK dwellers are being urged to stay mindful swans, who may be acting in an aggressive manner during what is traditionally their breeding season.

Visitors to Bushy Park in the capital will be on their guard after a dog was killed by one of the resident birds last Saturday.

The unnamed canine, which was reportedly a cocker spaniel, was killed after a swan charged at it, striking it with its wings.

The attack was instigated by one of a pair of breeding swans which was based near the water along with two cygnets.

Sensing a potential attack, the swan charged for the dog after it went into the pond.

Despite the sad death of the dog, Dublin City Council has been keen to stress that the attack was perpetrated by a wild animal protecting its young.

In any case, officials have moved to take action, installing warning signs around the pond urging visitors to stay vigilant and keep any dogs on a leash.

Among the heaviest flying birds to reside on the Emerald Isle, swans have been known to attack rowers, kayakers and anglers in the past.

Though injures are rare, swans can do some damage and have, in extreme cases, been able to break human limbs.

Swans are known to be particularly aggressive during mating season, when a soon to be mother can often be found guarding her eggs.

Though human deaths are extremely rare, there have been some recorded cases.

In one instance, a man named Anthony Hensley was killed by two swans, after they managed to capsize his boat, drowning him to death.