Dublin woman reveals diet that helped her lose over 12 stone

Dublin woman reveals diet that helped her lose over 12 stone

A DUBLIN woman who lost more than half her body weight has lifted the lid on the radical diet overhaul that saw her shed those excess pounds.

Wendy Deacon was named Slimming World’s Woman of the Year for 2019 after losing an astonishing 12st 4.5Ibs.

She was inspired to change her eating habits after discovering her daughter had expressed concern to her grandmother that Wendy would eventually “eat herself to death”.

"Hearing that broke my heart and I knew I needed to change. The thought of my daughter being so worried about my health really spurred me into action," she said.

Wendy’s incredible journey saw her go from a dress size of 32 to an astonishing 10.

She achieved it with a combination of regular Slimming World meetings and a major shift in diet that saw her ditch takeaways and chocolate in favour of fruit and salads.

"By far the best thing about losing weight though is seeing the pride in my family's faces, especially Amy's. I've finally started to feel proud of myself too - I've got my whole life back,” she said.

Now planning her wedding and about to celebrate her 50th birthday, the Dubliner has now shared an example of the kind of food she now eats during the average day.

Before the weight-loss menu

Breakfast: Nothing

Lunch: Hot chicken roll with crisps

Mid-afternoon: A couple of chocolate bars

Dinner: A takeaway

Evening: More chocolate

After the weight loss menu

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with grilled tomatoes, or yogurt and fruit

Mid-morning: Fruit

Lunch: A big home-made salad with turkey or ham

Dinner: Chicken stir-fry or spaghetti Bolognese

Evening: Fruit or a Slimming World hi-fibre bar