'F*** retiring': Sinéad O'Connor confirms she WILL perform and tour again

'F*** retiring': Sinéad O'Connor confirms she WILL perform and tour again

SINÉAD O'CONNOR has confirmed she will not be retiring and will instead continue to record new music, perform and tour.

Last week, the iconic Irish singer broke fans' hearts as she announced that she would be retiring from recording and touring, and instead considered a career as a presenter on musical TV shows or elsewhere, saying that writing her memoir made her realise "I'm my own boss".

While fans were understandably saddened by the news, O'Connor also received an outpouring of support as people encouraged her to follow her own dreams-- and it turns out her dreams remain the same: recording and performing music.

The Nothing Compares 2 U singer took to Twitter last night where she revealed the good news, phrasing it in her trademark blunt manner: "F*** retiring.

"I retract. Am not retiring," she said, adding "I was temporarily allowing pigs in lipstick to f*** my head up".

Sinéad O'Connor performing on RTÉ's 'Late Late Show' (RTÉ / The Late Late Show)

O'Connor released a statement explaining her thoughts over the past few days and said that, while writing and promoting her memoir, old traumatic instances were dragged up- both in her own mind and by some in the media, who she say ignored her requests to avoid any triggering questions in interviews.

"All interviewers were asked to please be sensitive and not ask about child abuse or dig deep into painful sh*t about mental health which would be traumatising for me to have to think about," she wrote.

"Barely any interviewers inside Ireland or the UK or Canada respected those requests which were several times made."

The pressure from the media made her feel "like I did thirty years ago and for thirty years ... That I'd be better off (safer) if I ran away and gave up being in music at all."

"But I love my job. Making music that is.

"But I am born for live performances and with the astonishing love and support I have received in the last few days and will continue to receive ... I feel safe in retracting my expressed wish to retire and I will in fact be doing all shows currently booked for 2022."

You can read Sinéad's full statement below.

Her memoir, Rememberings, is out now.