Fearless seagull filmed shoplifting bag of crisps from Dublin shop

Fearless seagull filmed shoplifting bag of crisps from Dublin shop

A SEAGULL in Dublin has been filmed brazenly walking into a local shop before making off with a packet of crisps. 

With Ireland only beginning to come out of lockdown in the past few weeks, seabirds have been struggling without the usually scraps left for them to feed off. 

Crisps are a particular favourite of seagulls who are known to take advantage of tourists eager to be left alone.

Alas, the lack of available tourists to pester has left many of our feathered friends struggling to get by. 

So much so, in fact, that some have resorted to criminality to feed their habit. 

In the video, which was filmed outside a branch of Londis on Dublin’s iconic Grafton Street, a seagull can be seen walking calmly into the shop before picking up a bag of crisps and heading straight out. 

Like a seabird version of George Clooney in Ocean’s Eleven, at no point does the bird panic or quicken its pace, instead strutting straight out with the air of someone who believes it is their God-given right to enjoy a free bag of crisps. 

In truth, the bird probably would have gotten away with it if he hadn’t been being filmed. 

You also have to wonder whether this was the first time this seagull pulled a stunt of this kind – they certainly seemed to know exactly where the crisps were and evidently have a favourite flavour. 

Whatever the case, in this particular instance, there was a happy ending with the man filming the bird eventually agreeing to pay for the crisps. 

That’s the Irish for you; generous to a fault.