Football fan erects plaque outside Hibernian FC ground to honor Irish republican rebel James Connolly

Football fan erects plaque outside Hibernian FC ground to honor Irish republican rebel James Connolly

ONE of the Easter Rising's rebel leaders has been honoured with a plaque outside Hibernian FC's home ground at Easter Road.

James Connolly, who was executed by firing squad during the Rising, has been commemorated by a fan who purchased a nameplate through the club's East Terrace Stones initiative designed to allow fans become a part of the stadium's history.

"The East Terrace was designed to enable supporters to literally become part of our stadium and forms a lasting tribute to famous players, passionate supporters and unforgettable moments," the club's website states.

Fans can choose from one of three plaque options, ranging in prince from £50-£150 for a single, double or commemorative stone.

The identity of the Irish history buff who chose to honour Connolly, who was known to be a fan of the club, is as yet unknown.

But the new addition was spotted by Edinburgh-based Callum Kane, who posted this picture on Twitter:

One of the founding members of the Irish state, and a key man in the Labour movement in Scotland, Connolly is also to be honored by his home city of Edinburgh this month in a new documentary.

According to the Herald Scotland, contemporary artist Roddy Buchanan and leading historian Owen Dudley Edwards, are behind the work of art Understanding Versus Sympathy.

This will focus on Connolly's early life on Edinburgh's Cowgate and his political activities before his pivotal role in Ireland's 1916 Easter Rising.

The film will be shown in St Patrick's Church, what was the centre of 'Little Ireland' or The Cowgate, in Edinburgh not far from where Connolly grew up.

Connolly who was born to Irish parents in 1868, spent time in the US, becoming a prominent member of the International Workers of the World before returning to Ireland to play a hand in the Easter Rising in 1916.

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