Former RUC man and Chelsea fan banned from football for five years

Former RUC man and Chelsea fan banned from football for five years

A CHELSEA fan from Carrickfergus is one of four men who have been banned from attending football matches for up to five years, following a confrontation with a black man on the Paris Metro.

Former RUC officer Richard Barklie, 50, a director with World Human Rights Forum, had admitted he prevented Souleymane Sylla from boarding a train but only because it was already full.

He had claimed there was no racist motive behind his actions and that Mr Sylla was the only person acting aggressively during the incident by trying to force his way on to the train.

However Judge Gareth Branston today said that Mr Barklie “proved to be a menace” and had “demonstrated aggressive, disorderly conduct”.

He added: “There is no doubt Chelsea fans displayed racist hatred on the Paris Metro before the game.”

On mobile phone footage of the incident, chants can be heard of “We’re racist, we’re racist, and that’s the way we like it”.

The incident occurred on the night of Chelsea's Champions League game against PSG in Paris in February.

Barklie, along with Joshua Parsons, 20, and William Simpson, 26, received five-year bans while Jordan Munday, 20, was banned for three years.

They are not allowed to attend games at home or abroad.

The four men were fighting an application by the Metropolitan Police to issue them with the banning orders.

A fifth fan, Dean Callis, 32, had earlier accepted a five-year banning order before the hearing for a number of incidents, including the one in Paris.