Fresh footage emerges of young woman being pushed onto Dublin train tracks by group of youths

Fresh footage emerges of young woman being pushed onto Dublin train tracks by group of youths

THERE ARE renewed calls for a group of youths filmed pushing a young woman onto train tracks in Dublin to be brought to justice.

It comes after fresh footage of the incident was shared online.

The new video offers a clearer look at the terrifying incident, which occurred at Howth Junction in Dublin last month.

The woman involved was lucky to escape with her life after a hooded teenager knocked her down onto the railway line as she ran for a train.

In the video, she can be seen falling underneath the waiting locomotive and onto the tracks below.

A young man can be seen using the wheel of his bicycle to trip the woman, an act that could very well have killed her had it not been for a number of quick-thinking passersby.

Once she falls beneath the train, some horrified on-lookers rush over before a rail-worker eventually pulls the woman up and back onto the platform to safety.

The teenagers, most of whom look unfazed by the whole ordeal, can be seen casually making an escape.

While video of the incident has been circulating, Michelle Traynor shared clearer footage of the incident on Twitter on Friday.

“What I see are young women using their instincts to avoid feral men,” she wrote.

“The young women use every instinct to avoid any contact with these (men). Hitting the door button running past them. It’s just not good enough. These thugs have mothers sisters grandmothers.”

“Where are the positive women and men in their lives to teach them this is not normal behaviour,” she continued.

“These young women are instinctive in their actions. They knew to run to avoid to be kicked but not confront these degenerates. It is not good enough.”

The video was also shared by Dr Jennifer Cassidy, an Irish lecturer in politics at the University of Oxford, who called for those involved to be brought to justice.

“Absolutely disgusting, illegal behaviour,” she said.

“This is no world where I want my beautiful young nieces and any other child to grow up in. RT as much as possible as faces can be seen.”

The appeal subsequently went viral, with Dr Cassidy’s tweet retweeted more than 13,000 times at the time of writing.

“I am still, like so of many of you, sickened and disgusted by what these group of boys from Dublin did,” she wrote in response to the reaction generated by the clip.

“Abhorrent behaviour on every level. Thank you all for continuing share so widely and continuously. These “boys”/criminals need to be identified and held directly accountable.”

While Gardaí have confirmed an investigation into the potentially fatal incident has been launched, no arrests have yet been made with Irish police yet to formally identifying those involved.