Gerry Adams has voiced his concerns on Brexit

Gerry Adams has voiced his concerns on Brexit

SINN FÉIN'S Gerry Adams has said Brexit is a disaster.

Adams has condemned the UK government, saying their terms for Brexit are unclear and their relationship with the EU has not yet been specified.

The friendship between Britain and the EU dangles in the balance as talks continue on the effects the decision of the UK to leave Europe will have on the future.

Talking on BBC's Andrew Marr Show, Adams said the current government in the UK is "arguing that they’re going to leave the Customs Union and they are going to leave the Single Market and that will end up a complete disaster for people here on the island of Ireland".

According to RTÉ, Adams stressed the importance of Northern Ireland needing a special status in the separation of Britain and Ireland's financial situations while Ireland remains in the EU.

Adams dubbed the next round of Brexit negotiations as as a "fudge" on the side of Britain and said those hopeful for successful Brexit negotiations were "filled with contradictions".