Green Party leader 'deeply regrets' falling asleep during vote on workers' rights

Green Party leader 'deeply regrets' falling asleep during vote on workers' rights

GREEN PARTY leader Eamon Ryan has said he 'deeply regrets' falling asleep in the Dáil during a vote on workers rights last week.

Mr Ryan, who is Minister for Transport in the new Cabinet, was spotted napping while the Dáil undertook a vote in the convention centre last week.

His name was called several times and he was eventually woken by a fellow TD sitting near him, and voted no to the motion which would have created a living wage and protected workers' rights.

He told RTÉ's This Week programme, Mr Ryan described it as "a moment of human frailty"and admitted it's "something I regret".

"Minister Eamon Ryan.... Minister Eamon Ryan?" The Green Party leader falls asleep during a vote on workers rights

"I regret it deeply," he told the programme.

"You have to make sure you continue and and actually make sure you learn from such mistakes and stay alert... and I will be doing that."

Mr Ryan also acknowledged that that footage of him sleeping, which drew criticism from opposition parties and members of the public, could hurt his chances in the upcoming Green Party leadership election.

Catherine Martin, TD, is expected to face off against Mr Ryan in a bid for the leadership, but while Mr Ryan accepts that his nap "may well" damage his chances, he argued that under his leadership the Green Party has more TD and senators in the Dáil than ever before.

Green Party members will vote on the new leader on 22 July by ballot papers, and the result will be announced on 23 July.