Woman shares spooky footage of grandmother's 'haunted' potato masher online

Woman shares spooky footage of grandmother's 'haunted' potato masher online

A WOMAN has released bizarre footage of an antique potato masher, passed down to her by her grandmother, seemingly moving of its own accord.

43-year-old Jennifer Bauer believes the incident is further proof of the paranormal goings-on she has experienced ever since moving into her 1920s house in Eastpointe, Michigan, five years ago.

This latest incident took place in the basement of the near-100-year-old property back in October, while Bauer was busy photographing items she wanted to sell.

According to Xpose.ie, the spooky occurrence began when she started hearing an odd whispering sound in the room.

Then the masher, which Bauer had been planning to put up to buy online, began moving of around erratically and without explanation.

"I grabbed my camera and started filming, but didn't watch my video back until a few days later," she told the news site.

"When I did, I could hear an odd whispering in the background. I can't explain it at all."

Bauer, who lives in the property with her 42-year-old boyfriend Chris, claims it's not the first time they have experienced this kind of phenomenon at the address.

When the couple first moved in, they would often hear banging upstairs that sounded like someone walking around while they were both downstairs watching TV.

She claims to have also heard other whispering, indecipherable voices, both male and female, inside and outside the property.

And according to Bauer, these strange occurrences have not been limited to their current address.

Prior to moving to Eastpointe, the couple experiences similarly eerie noises like footsteps at a previous address.

"It wasn't just me, my family heard them too, and my friends," she told Xpose.ie.

"It wasn't an old house - it'd only been there about 10 years - but I thought it was probably haunted. I was never really scared, but my friends were, especially if they were staying the night."

Bauer still hasn't been able to decipher whether the voices are a particular spirit though as they are rarely the same voice and she has so far been unable to work out what they are saying.

However, just to be on the safe side, she's decided to hold on to her grandmother's potato masher amid fears that selling it could result in someone else experiencing similarly spooky encounters.

The incident comes a week after a woman visiting a prison in Cork captured a ghostly figure on camera in similarly eerie circumstances.