Heineken unveils its first beer made using marijuana instead of alcohol

Heineken unveils its first beer made using marijuana instead of alcohol

Heineken has unveiled its first beer made using marijuana in place of alcohol in what could be something of a game changer for the recreational cannabis industry.

Several US states, including California, have already voted to legalise marijuana use.

The change has given birth to a fledgling new industry that has generated countless millions for the US economy.

Marijuana beer is one such venture, with one brewery in Canada previously unveiled a heady new brew in which all traces of alcohol have been removed in place of cannabis.

Though they attempted to blend the two elements, the taste and effect of the results proved questionable to say the least.

But now, in a major move for the drinks industry, beer giant Heineken is entering the fray with a marijuana beer of their own.

The product of the Heineken-owned Legunitas brewing company the new Hi-Fi Hops contains zero alcohol and is instead made using THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

Described as "cannabis-infused hoppy sparkling water" the new brew is also notable for the fact it contains zero calories.

It also comes in two distinct varieties with one boasting 10mg of THC, and one containing the 5MG of THC and 5MG of CBD, the naturally occurring cannabinoid thought to have therapeutic qualities.

The heady brew is currently only available through a few licensed marijuana dispensaries in California and costs a whopping $8 (£6.20) a can.

The can is re-sealable though, meaning it can be consumed over an extended period of time.

Will we ever see this kind of product in the UK and Ireland?

It's unlikely, however the UK government did recently approach law changes that mean medical marijuana will now be available on prescription in Britain.