Ice cream shop unveils new Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise ice cream and fans are divided

Ice cream shop unveils new Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise ice cream and fans are divided

A SCOTTISH ice cream shop has courted controversy with an unusual addition to its current range of flavours: Hellman's Real Mayonnaise.

Ice in Falkirk is no stranger to weird flavours having previously garnered attention online with a Strongbow Dark Fruit cider ice cream.

However, this latest mayonnaise-inspired creation might be the most unusual yet and is already dividing opinions - much like use of the condiment itself.

The new flavour was unveiled on the Ice Falkirk Instagram page alongside the caption: "Who knows a mayo addict?"

It proved predictably polarizing, with some falling head-over-heels in love with the new ice cream concoction while others were left feeling a little queasy.


One sceptic on Twitter responded to an image of the mayo ice cream saying "Scotland, y'all can keep it" while another branded the flavouring as "ridiculous."

Some were more intrigued though.

"It probably makes the ice cream super creamy and light instead of tasting like mayonnaise?" one Twitter followed queried, adding, "I have a chocolate cake recipe with mayo in and it makes the cake super moist and brings out the chocolate flavour!"


One Instagram user went one step further, revealing they had tasted the goods and were left pleasantly surprised.

"I thought it was #justwrongonsomanylevels but then I tried it!!!" they commented on Ice's post. "It's actually really nice, creamy and rich."

It's not clear whether the mayo ice cream is served with a chocolate flake, wafer or chip but all three sound tempting to us.

The question is: would you be willing to try some?