Homeless person's tent set ablaze on streets of Dublin

Homeless person's tent set ablaze on streets of Dublin

A HOMELESS person's tent and belongings have been completely destroyed after it went up in flames on Tuesday night.

Videos of the fire on Talbot Street were widely circulated on social media, with many asking how it could have started and whether it could have been purposely set aflame.

Cllr Anthony Flynn, CEO of Dublin homeless charity Inner City Helping Homeless, is among those who shared a video on Tuesday night, with footage showing the fire out of control and in danger of setting another, nearby tent ablaze.

"Tents on fire in the city center," Cllr Flynn wrote on Twitter.

"We are hoping this was not intentionally done," he said, adding "Things really are bad enough on the streets without any malicious behaviour."

The ICHH CEO confirmed that volunteers from the charity were at the location to provide assistance if needed.

Following the fire, Cllr Flynn posted another devastating photo showing "What's left of a persons belongings after a tent goes up in flames in the city".

He later confirmed that it is still unknown how the blaze first started.

It is unclear whether a Garda investigation has been launched into the incident, or whether it was an accident or the result of 'malicious behaviour'.

Late last night, Cllr Anthony Flynn also shared the sad news that a person known to homeless services had passed away in private emergency accommodation in the city.

It is believed this has brought the number of homeless deaths in Dublin to 57 this year.