Horse sends Limerick town into panic after invading loyal gym

Horse sends Limerick town into panic after invading loyal gym

HORSES COULD be banned from a town in Limerick after one reportedly paid an unscheduled trip to a local gym.

The Irish Examiner broke the news of the night-mare-ish encounter at a local fitness centre In Kilmallock, which apparently proved the final straw for one local councillor.

Independent councillor PJ Carey voiced his concerns last year amid reports of children as young as six riding sulkies in the town.

Describing the situation as something akin to the “wild west”, Mr Carey is urging gardai to rein in the number of youngsters riding in the area.

It’s not just gyms that are being affected by the hoofed invasion – two recent duck races were recently affected by the appearance of several illegally grazing horses in a public park.

These concerns were laid out at a meeting of Cappamore-Kilmallock municipal.

An investigation is now underway to determine the number of illegal grazing horses and their likely origin.

The outcome could then determine whether the town then opts to ban any and all horses from the town.

Any ban is likely to cause further ruptures in the community, given the number of horses currently based in and around the Limerick town.

In the meantime, the town's gym is likely to be taking extra precautions to ensure no more invasions of the four-legged variety.