Three horses are hit by a train just outside Dublin

Three horses are hit by a train just outside Dublin

A TRAIN has collided with three horses as it made its way towards Dublin on Thursday morning.

The 06.35 service running from Kildare to Heuston reportedly struck the animals near Adamstown, seriously injuring one of them.

A number of horses were allegedly running loose in the area and some had frighteningly ventured onto the train track.

After the collision, the train was stopped and checks were carried out, while veterinarians were called on behalf of the horses.

In the aftermath, Irish Rail said that services would be operating at a reduced speed, which significantly affected morning commuters.

Delays of up to 30 minutes between Houston and Grand Canal Dock were reported due to the accident.

Spokesperson Barry Kenny gave this update;

"The train had to be checked to ensure there was no damage, thankfully there wasn't, and also the line checked to ensure it was clear.

"Trains are moving on but at reduced speeds, there are horses loose in the area, and obviously we're working to clear the line, but it means delays of up to 25 minutes on trains to Euston Station."

Delays on the line were eventually eased at around 10am, according to Irish Rail.