Iconic Derry Girls Blackboard added to exhibition in Ulster Museum

Iconic Derry Girls Blackboard added to exhibition in Ulster Museum

CATHOLICS BUZZ off statues while Protestants don't so much, Catholics absolutely love Abba and Protestants keep their toasters in the cupboard.

These were just some of the enlightening moments from arguably one of the greatest moments from the already brilliant Derry Girls, where Catholic and Protestant students attempted to 'reach across the divide' to find things they had in common-- and instead ended up listing every single difference they could think of, from 'Catholics watch RTÉ' to 'Protestants love soup'.

Now the iconic blackboard scene has been immortalised in the form of an exhibition in Belfast's Ulster Museum.

The new Culture Lab exhibition, presented under the tagline 'Don't Believe the Stereotype', showcases the differences of Ulster in an educational way, and sounds like an impressive and insightful exhibition on it's own, with the blackboard acting simply as an added bonus.


In a short statement today, the Ulster Museum invited people to visit the Culture Lab to "hear stories of our past and present, check out the Derry Girls blackboard and find out what percent Catholic or Protestant you are.

"You may be surprised by what you find."

If you want to see the blackboard in all its glory while also learning about Northern Ireland's cultural history, head to Belfast's Botanic Gardens and check out the Ulster Museum.

To find out more, you can visit the Ulster Museum's Facebook page.