‘An inspiration to everyone’ – 13-year-old Limerick boy with incredible voice goes viral

‘An inspiration to everyone’ – 13-year-old Limerick boy with incredible voice goes viral

AN IRISH teenager has become an overnight sensation in Ireland after a clip of him singing went viral on Facebook.

13-year-old Thomas from Moyross in Limerick has been the talk of social media after a video of him singing A Great Big World’s signature hit Say Something.

The footage was filmed at Thomas’s local youth club, Living Out Loud.

Though initially hesitant to perform due to nerves and an overall lack of confidence, Thomas was still able to overcome any fears to deliver an incredible vocal performance.



As a spokesperson for the youth club explained to the Irish Post, his efforts send an important message to anyone with a talent that’s afraid to let it shine.

"Thomas is an inspiration to everyone and shows what can be achieved with a bit of belief in yourself,” they said.

“We hope it can inspire anyone who may suffer from lack of confidence."

Though only alluded to in the statement, it would appear Thomas has been through plenty over the course of his formative years, making his performance all the more remarkable.

"He has been through a lot over the years, and it was a big step for him to perform this song and we are very, very proud of him,” they said.

It's not the only video of Thomas performing to find its way onto the youth club's social media pages.

Here's the young lad singing James Arthur's Just Don't Let Go.



There's also a clip of the teenager performing Sia's Titanium.


An Irish star is born.