Ireland reports 93% drop in coronavirus patients in hospitals since pandemic peak

Ireland reports 93% drop in coronavirus patients in hospitals since pandemic peak

IRELAND’S HEALTH minister has announced a 93% drop in the number of coronavirus patients in hospital compared with figures from the peak of the pandemic. 

Figures published by Simon Harris show the number of patients with confirmed cases of Covid-19 stands at just 62 as of Wednesday, June 17. 

That represents a major drop on the 884 confirmed cases of coronavirus reported back on Tuesday, April 14, at the height of the pandemic in Ireland. 

The number of people currently battling the disease in intensive care has also continue to steadily drop. 

20 people are currently in ICU with the virus. 

That number is down from the 24 reported earlier this week. 

It also represents a huge decline from the peak of 160 ICU patients seen at the pandemic’s peak. 

“62 patients in hospital confirmed with the virus & a reduction to 20 in the number of patients in ICU with the virus," Harris wrote on Twitter. 

“Such a significant improvement on where we were only a few weeks ago. Progress.” 

The Health Minister nevertheless continues to urge caution among the public as Ireland’s lockdown restrictions continue to be lifted. 

"We think of those who are sick, their families & healthcare staff,” he wrote on social media earlier in the week. 

“Build on the progress by sticking with public health advice." 

The news comes 24 hours after the Island of Ireland recorded its first day with no coronavirus deaths since March. 

Non-essential shops have now reopened in Ireland with pubs serving food set to follow suit on June 29. 

However, any pubs planning on reopening later this month have been warned they will be required to serve substantial meals costing a minimum of €9 in order to trade legally.