Ireland set to ease Level 5 restrictions on April 5

Ireland set to ease Level 5 restrictions on April 5

LEVEL FIVE restrictions are set for review during the first week of April and will likely be eased on April 5, according to reports.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin will today unveil Ireland's revised 'Living With Covid' plan, and it's  understood that the Cabinet sub-committee has agreed to consider easing lockdown restrictions before the nine week deadline which was initially laid out.

Last week, Martin announced that Ireland was in for another nine weeks of lockdown, stretching to the end of the April, but it now looks as if Level 5 restrictions could be lifted a little while before that.

The Covid-19 Cabinet sub-committee met on Monday to discuss the updated Living With Covid Plan, and it's understood that one of the main talking points was the decision to extend lockdown for another six weeks, rather than nine.

Further details of the new plan will be revealed later today, but it's thought that a phased reopening of schools will continue as planned, and remains a top priority for the country.

It's understood that there will be no change, for now, to the 5km travel restriction until April 5.

Reports also indicate that the updated plan will not contain definitive reopening dates like the UK's plan which was published on Monday evening.

The Government has continually stressed that they're taking a cautious and conservative approach to reopening the country, and that they won't be rushed into anything, in spite of good progress made in Ireland's vaccination rollout.

Last week, Martin said: "There's no large reopening of society occurring, we know that and that's been well flagged, we're looking at schools, in terms of the beginning of March, and child care."