Ireland’s national minimum wage increases from January 1

Ireland’s national minimum wage increases from January 1

THE national minimum wage will increase in Ireland from January 1, 2024 it has been confirmed.

As of New Year’s Day workers aged 20 or above will be paid an hourly rate of €12.70.

This marks a €1.40 increase on the current minimum wage of €11.70 per hour, which came into effect on January 1, 2023.

In 2022 Ireland's national minimum wage was €10.50 per hour .

The new rules for 2024 will also see the minimum hourly rate for workers aged 19 rise to at least €11.43, while 18 year olds will be paid a minimum of €10.16 per hour as of next month..

For workers aged under 18 the new hourly minimum wage of €8.89 will apply.

The move follows recommendations by Ireland’s Low Pay Commission in their Annual Report 2023.

The organisation, whose aim is “to have a minimum wage that provides an incentive to work, is set at a rate that is both fair and sustainable, and helps as many people as possible, without a significant adverse effect on competitiveness or a significant negative effect on employment", made the recommendation for a €1.40 rise in Ireland’s national minimum wage in October,