Irish accent voted the third sexiest in the world

Irish accent voted the third sexiest in the world

THERE’S JUST something about an Irish accent.

Maybe it’s the sense of warmth it conveys or a feeling of roguish fun that accompanies that distinctive Irish brogue but whatever the reason, there are few accents that compare.

That might be why the Irish accent continues to rank among the sexiest on the planet.

But don’t take our word for it – take the word of Big 7 Media, who recently polled over 1.5 million from 60 different countries across the globe.

According to their findings the Irish accent ranks the third sexiest on the planet.

It came in just behind the South African accent, which ranked second, with the New Zealand top of the pile as the world’s sexiest accent.

The Irish accent came in ahead of the Italian, which was ranked fourth with Spanish, French, Scottish, US Southern, Brazilian, Portuguese and Australian completing the top 10.

The complete top 50 reads as follows:

50th. Croatian

49th. Romanian

48th. Thai

47th. Pakistani

46th. German

45th. Welsh

44th. New York

43rd. Chinese

42nd. Japanese

41st. Geordie

40th. Latvian

39th. Malaysian

38th. Austrian

37th. Norwegian

36th. Egyptian

35th. Swiss

34th. Russian

33rd. Greek

32nd. Scouse

31st. Dutch

29th. Nigerian

28th. Boston

27th. Polish

26th. Indian

25th. Vietnamese

24th. Mexican

23rd. Turkish

22nd. Arabic

21st. Filipino

20th. Zimbabwean

19th. Argentine

18th. Mancunian

17th. Jamaican

16th. Danish

15th. Ukrainian

14th. Hungarian

13th. Canadian

12th. Queen’s English

11th. Czech

10th. Brazilian Portuguese

9th. U.S Southern

8th. Spanish

7th. French

6th. Scottish

5th. Australian

4th. Italian

3rd. Irish

2nd. South African

1st. Kiwi