Genetic makeup of the average British person is revealed – with a very surprising Irish result

Genetic makeup of the average British person is revealed – with a very surprising Irish result

DNA TESTING has revealed that the average British person is actually a fifth Irish.

Ancestry DNA released details yesterday of their study into the DNA of Britain and Northern Ireland to find out the exactly genetic makeup of the average British person - with some surprising results.

The study found that the average person from Britain is 36.94 per cent British, 21.59 per cent Irish and 19.91 per cent Western European (French/German).

When the results are broken down by country those living in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales were found, perhaps less surprisingly, to be even more Irish.  

Those from Northern Ireland carried 48.49 per cent Irish DNA, those in Scotland had 43. 84 per cent while the Welsh had 31.99 per cent. 

In England, Irish heritage was more evident in northern areas of the country.

Areas in the north east showed 27.5 per cent Irish DNA while the north west, home to cities such as Liverpool and Manchester, boast an Irish heritage of 26.89 per cent.

The further south you go the more diverse the DNA becomes.

In London, England's DNA is at it's most diverse with Ireland playing a 19.76 per cent part in British people's DNA.

The area with the most British genes is Yorkshire at 41 per cent compared to the British average of 37 per cent.

The tests and studies were carried out from over 15,000 saliva samples supplied to Ancestry through a home DNA test.

AncestryDNA's Brad Argent said: “At a time when the concept of British identity is at the forefront of many people’s minds, it’s interesting to see that when it comes to our ancestry, we’re not as British or Irish as we may think.

"The UK has been a cultural and ethnic melting pot for not just generations, but centuries, and our DNA data provides a fascinating glimpse into our ancestors, including hints of immigration and emigration.”

How Irish are the British by country?

Northern Ireland - 48.49 per cent

Scotland - 43. 84 per cent 

Wales  - 31. 99 per cent 

England - 20 per cent 

Irish DNA in England by region...

North East of England - 27.5 per cent 

North West of England - 26.89 per cent 

London - 19.76 per cent

South West of England 17.95 per cent 

South East of England 17.09 per cent 

East Midlands 16 per cent