Irish Government moves to remove barriers for Irish returning home

Irish Government moves to remove barriers for Irish returning home

THE IRISH Government has moved to remove barriers for Irish people returning home to live and work. 

Minister for the Diaspora Ciarán Cannon is compiling an economic report to look at what might prevent Irish people from returning to Ireland to live and work.

The report, compiled by Indecon - an economic consultancy firm - will focus on identifying solutions to unnecessary burdens that negatively impact on people coming home.

Minister Cannon said: "This Government has committed to work to facilitate Irish people living abroad who wish to return to live in Ireland.

"We are working to ensure that moving or returning to Ireland is as easy as possible for them."

Previously Irish people returning to Ireland have said they have had difficulties getting access to insurance, credit and securing driving licences.

Minister Cannon added: "As Minister of State for the Diaspora I chair the Inter-Departmental Committee on the Irish Abroad, which works to facilitate a whole of government response to issues affecting Irish people abroad.

"In recent meetings the Committee has focused its work on addressing government procedures reported to be negatively affecting returning emigrants.

"In particular, the report will review and propose measures to address difficulties in areas that are not immediately within the remit of Departments to alleviate."

The report will inform future Government policy and actions.

If anyone has examples of specific difficulties they may have experienced in moving home to Ireland to live that could be of relevance to this report they can email the Department of Foreign Affairs at [email protected]

If you returned to Ireland and encountered issues or extensive 'red tape' and want to share your experience, email [email protected]