Irish man lay dead in A&E 'for hours' before anyone noticed

Irish man lay dead in A&E 'for hours' before anyone noticed

A MAN lay dead in an emergency room in Tallaght before anyone noticed, an inquest heard on Thursday.

Brian Hamilton was found slumped over his backpack and unresponsive in the A&E department of Tallaght Hospital in April last year, and was only checked on when a couple, who were waiting to be seen, raised the alarm, according to the Irish Mirror.

Staff conducted CPR on the 40-year-old but he pronounced dead at the scene.

Nurse Jonathan Joaquin said: "They asked me to check the man sitting there and I did. I tried to rouse him, he didn’t answer me, there was no response and I went inside to get help.

"He was seated on the bench, he was stooped forward, his face was on his backpack. I didn’t see any signs of life."

CCTV footage showed Hamilton enter the hospital around 4am and approach the reception desk, however no one was there to speak with him.

After waiting for around 30 seconds, he reportedly walked off in the direction of A&E and sat down in the waiting area.

Upon seeing his body, Brian's brother Michael spoke of how surprised he was that no one noticed his sibling for a number of hours.

"When I saw Brian I was shocked.

"It was clear he had been dead for four to five hours as rigor mortis had set in.

"I was sure of this as I am a butcher by trade."

It's been reported that Brian also had a sleeping bag with him, and nurses admitted that occasionally, rough sleepers will enter the hospital looking for shelter.