Irish ‘may be dropped as compulsory subject’ from schools in Ireland

Irish ‘may be dropped as compulsory subject’ from schools in Ireland

IRISH COULD cease to be a compulsory subject at school as part of changes to the Leaving Certificate being discussed by educators in Ireland.

The proposal came as part of a wide-ranging debate on the topic at National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) review.

While there was widespread agreement among teachers, students and parents that English and Maths should remain compulsory subjects there were mixed views on whether Irish should be continued into the Leaving Cert cycle.

Though no official decision has been made, the discussion sparked renewed suggestions the subject could be scrapped.

As part of the review, educators also looked at changing the system around transition year and adding more flexibility to the senior cycle.


One proposal would see transition year take place over the course of the senior cycle.

Shorter courses could also be introduced alongside the more traditional long form courses.

Plans for the Leaving Cert Vocational Programme and Leaving Cert Applied were also discussed in the review.

Though a report from the NCAA indicates more discussions are required on the subject of Irish lessons, with schools eager to offer students a greater amount of choice when it comes to the subjects they are taught, change could be afoot.